1. Saṃsāra. Wheel of death and rebirth.



  3. Hassan Massoudy Calligraphy


  4. Scott Dalton photography. Ciudad Juarez El Paso TX


  5. Boredomresearch

    boredomresearch is a collaboration between Southampton UK based artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith.

    They are greatly inspired by the diversity that exists in nature. Using computational technology they explore this diversity to simulate natural patterns, behaviours and intricate forms that gradually change over time.


  6. Herbert Werner Franke. Electronic Graphics, 1961-62.

    Born in Vienna, Franke worked from 1973 - 1997 at the University of Munich, lecturing in computer graphics and computer art. His pioneering electronic abstractions paralleled those of Ben Laposky, leading however to his own personal and varied oeuvre. Franke has also written widely on computer art (See Essays section) and his first book Computer Graphics - Computer Art was the earliest comprehensive text on the subject. Franke has collaborated with colleague Horst Helbig in some artworks and essays.




  9. Rising, by Saddo.


  10. Richard Misrach Photography. On the beach.